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It wasn’t long before Allie Morabia realized that music would be the driving force in his life. Writing and composing music has been by his side throughout every milestone.
Encompassed by his natural musical talents, Allie spends every moment creating music filled with love, hope and passion in his home studio.  
Music is not a hobby, but a lifestyle.

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Finding inspiration in a friend's long distance summer romance, Long Distance Summer is a collection of new age soft country written and composed by Allie Morabia. Featuring three special tracks written by Elliott Morabia.

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Heaven Sent

A new album of love songs dedicated to my Sweet Judy Jude. Telling our story from day one to eternity. Starts with "Heaven sent" an ode to our wedding day, to "To Eternity" the story of how we met. Ending with "Find a girl" a message to our sons.

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Two Souls Together
Show Me The Way
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Draw Sweet Waters

Draw Sweet Waters is a collection of poetic verses that promotes reaching deep within the well of oneself to unveil the glory of giving. This poetic opera details the journey of an individual who loses his bearings seeking reason and purpose. Upon arrival at a well station, a host serves him sweet waters to rejuvenate him to find his way. When he is greeted at the bonfire of the goodhearted, he is given fatherly guidance and taught the proper mindset to develop. Taking a drive through life, he realizes there are many troubling issues existing in society. Overcome by a restlessness, he is determined to not let these issues linger. He builds a riverboat which he calls Opportunity and embarks to explore himself and save those stranded in the ocean of greed. During his navigation, he falls in love with a riverbed rider and experiences the low point of heart break and the grandeur of true love. Devastated by the demolition of many of his artistic endeavors, he embraces the prospect of overcoming hardship. With a copious amount of perseverance, he leads fierce troops through the forest as lumberjacks as they knock down the thick walls that divide each person. Ultimately, he comes to master himself and offer tribute to the individuals who helped him along the way. He commemorates them by building fountains that decorate city squares and supply resident drinking water. Draw Sweet Waters will stir the reader to reflect on the aspects of life which are often overlooked. Its message of turning the burden of helping others into a genuine smile will inspire selflessness, humility, and graciousness.

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If you listened please let me know what you think. What are your favorite songs as well as your least favorite?

 If your interested in a jam session and want to join in the creative process send a message. 

Thanks for submitting!

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